Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to my portal?

Once you sign-up with the link you received in your welcome email, you can use THIS LINK to login again. If you need your password reset or are having other difficulties please email

What do I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

You must contact your therapist, with the email or phone number they provided, to cancel your appointment.

How do I contact my therapist?

At the time of your intake appointment, your therapist will give you their contact information. If you have lost their email or phone number please contact our office at 215-767-7096 so we can provide you with their information again.

What does meeting my deductible mean?

It means that you have paid the amount of Out of Pocket expenses designated by your insurance company. Once your deductible has been met, typically this results in a reduction of your out of pocket expense for your appointments. Customarily, you will then pay a percentage “Co-Insurance” or “Copay” for subsequent visits.

Who checks my deductible?

The policy holder should track where they are in terms of meeting their deductible. Insurance companies process medical claims with variable rate and speed, thus the best and most accurate information can be obtained by the patient contacting their insurance company or utilizing their online insurance profile to assess progress towards satisfying deductible requirements. 

How do I get scheduled to see a med provider?

After you submit your information through our online form, one of our intake team members will contact you. Please be aware that our med providers may require active therapy as part of your treatment regiment. If this is the case, you will need to find therapy services either with-in our practice or an outside provider. If you are seeing an outside provider you will need to provide proof of your ongoing therapy services. 

What is a PMHNP?

PMHNP is the acronym for Psychiatric Mental Health-Nurse Practitioner. This license type is a specialty of a CRNP whom focuses on psychiatric needs of patients and is licensed to dispense medications.

Why could therapy be required to see a med provider?

At JSTS we utilize medication management as a supplement to psychotherapy and not in reverse order. People are complex and tasked with being able to tolerate stressors, regulate themselves, and progress in multiple domains of their lives simultaneously, creating strain that can benefitted through the psychotherapeutic/counseling process. 

Is the psych deposit refundable?

Yes, after services end, your psych refund may be returned to you so long as you do not have an outstanding balance at the practice.