JSTS currently has numerous groups formed and meeting regularly, and is also open to the offering of additional groups as patient needs are appraised and expressed. Existing patients are welcome to communicate with their clinicians about whether or not supplementing or altering their current regimen to include Group Therapy is clinically indicated. New patients desiring only group therapy will be evaluated identically to patients presenting for other types of therapy. Upon completion of the initial evaluation/assessment, consultation among evaluating clinicians will take place and group selection will occur. Factors specific to each group include the following:

Group Type
Process group (A group not carried out with the intention of targeting a specific topic and/or skill, that instead focuses on the subjective and collective dynamics expressed or acted out in the context of the group therapy), Topic Group (Adult Children of Substance Abusing Parents), Skills Group (Emotional regulation/Emotional Tolerance)

Open/Closed Group 
An “Open” group is one that is currently accepting new members, while a “Closed” group is not currently accepting new members. Number of group members currently participating as well as amplifying the process among existing group members may serve as reasons for a group to become “Closed”. 

Some groups will run for a set amount of weeks, determined prior to the initiation of the first group session, whereas some will have an undetermined termination date that is contingent on the clinical decision of the facilitator after gleaning information from group members. Factors influencing termination of the group may include the achievement of stated treatment goals as well as the possibility that  the process among group members has been successful and issues present at the onset of the therapy have resolved.