Family & Couples

Many of our clinicians are competent in offering Family Therapy and Couples Therapy, however not all of our clinicians offer this service. Please make sure that you check the icons denoting the services offered by your preferred provider when you are perusing biographies. 

It is not uncommon for issues to unfold throughout the course of your individual therapy that may lead to your clinician and you determining that you could benefit from Couples Therapy and/or Family Therapy. It is common that on occasion or situationally you may want to include another person or cluster of people into your therapeutic regimen. Whereas some clinicians may feel comfortable modifying the current arrangement, other clinicians may feel strongly that Couples Therapy and Family Therapy should be carried out by another clinician at the practice altogether in an effort to protect the therapeutic relationship that has been built. Please do not hesitate to speak openly with your clinician so that you both can render a decision that respects the sanctity of the work you have carried out thus far. 

The following comprises a list of some Couples Therapy and Family Therapy modalities that clinicians offer at JSTS: 

    • Functional Family Therapy
    • Attachment Based Family Therapy
    • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
    • IMAGO Therapy
    • Analytic Therapy For Couples