About JSTS

J Snyder Therapeutic Services is a group practice offering psychotherapy/counseling, as well as Psychiatry in conjunction with medication management provided by Nurse Practitioners. We have achieved success by upholding our values of integrity, transparency, accessibility, and ensuring that our staff are competently addressing our patients’ concerns to improve their dispositions as soon as possible. JSTS operates out of multiple, physical locations in conjunction with delivering services via Telehealth, in keeping with our goal of creating both in-person and virtual atmospheres where providers can collaborate in an effort to research, practice, and evaluate the efficacy of their treatments. We emphasize supervision, ongoing training, and accountability to further elevate the scope and quality of the services that we provide.

Our Vision

Mission – J Snyder Therapeutic services is determined to ameliorate the effects of debilitating mental health symptoms that contribute to discontent, alienation, and an overall stunting of humanity’s creativity and productivity through the execution of quality treatments. Through the formation of a genuine therapeutic relationship, J Snyder Therapeutic services endeavors to recondition individuals so that wounds incurred by acquaintances and trusted peers, deleterious family influences, and adverse societal exposures cease blocking expansive strivings.

Vision – J Snyder Therapeutic Services envisions a practice where clients leave the outpatient setting more insightful and more accepting of themselves and others, as their constitutional endowments, formative experiences, and unique potentialities are unearthed, acknowledged, respected, and embraced. Furthermore, this therapist is inclined to believe that such clients will then be more apt to positively influence those that they interact with in the future.

“Do you use your most ghastly experiences as motivation to evolve or justification for degradation and irresponsibility.”